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Write Articles and Get Paid Per Word or Per Article

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Article Writing

Begin to earn a stream of income that easily and steadily grows larger with these fabulous article writing tips.

There are two basic ways to make money writing articles online. You can write about someone else’s topic, and they will buy the article from you, or you can free write your own topic and article on whatever you want, and submit it to a revenue sharing article base. There are a few places online you can do both. is an easy to use, straightforward site where you simply apply to be a writer, write them a sample to show off your skills, and they assign you to a level of writing. They have 3 levels of writing that are all paid differently. The best writing skill obviously gets paid the most. I believe that is 2 cents a word, for the highest level.

How it works then, is you browse a list of categories you can write under, and through that browse the specific articles people want written. The article purchaser gives you things like keywords they want in the article, and what it should be about, everything you need to know to write their article. If you don’t know about the topic, you may want to think about if its worth it to research the topic or if you can find an article to write that will require less research. Also, this is NOT the place to be adding any self-serving links to your writing at ALL unless COMPLETELY relevant to the publisher. I personally made about $7 an hour on Textbroker does not let you keep the rights to anything you write, and it cannot be previously published content.

There are a few more article buying sites like this, however, these usually let you keep the rights to your writing, even when they sell publishing rights to someone, and the price can vary from $2 an article to over $20 an article. It depends on the subject matter and who asked for the article to be written. So, in addition to selling your article for a set fee, most of these sites also pay-per-view or pay royalties on ad revenue earned. The best of these sites based on popularity and earning potential, in no particular order, are:

  • (used to be Ehow)

Once you have written an article for one of these sites, you can usually take it over to the list of sites under Write Ads and Get Paid Per View or With Ad Revenue and submit it to most or all of those sites. You will want to do this with every article that you are allowed to. That way you’ll be maximizing the amount of money you can get out of each article.

*break studios is geared toward writing for men, so sometimes you may get some pretty shocking assignments to write about. But, I hear tell it can really pay a lot more than the rest of the list.


Let me know what you think! If you have any questions I am always happy to talk about it and help any way I can!

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