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Niche Marketing: A Place to Sell It | Free Domain Names and Free Websites

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I have noticed that this is the one place nearly every niche marketing “expert” online doesn’t go into much, if at all. You have to really search for anyone to tell you where and how to set up your niche idea, and if you do, those places are surely not free. However, there are tons of free places to set up your little niche marketplace/informative website.

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Your domain name is the first thing search engines look at to see if you match the keywords that are searched.

Before I show you where to find these places, I do want mention that it might be a good idea to get your own top-level domain which costs $10 if you buy it at the right place. Simply because your domain name is huge when search engines calculate the relevance of your site to any given search phrase. You will still be able to choose your domain when you use a free site, but it won’t be a top level domain, which is a bit better. Example: vs.

Which one would you click on and trust more to show you a lot of great jobs available in South Dakota?

free hooks

Use free websites and pages to start your niche website or niche affilitate selling.

There are three places I can recommend. The first is where Google offers free websites and free top-level domain names to businesses for one year, and then they charge like $5 a month. However, you can type in about anything, just type in info about your niche instead of a business and then you get a top-level domain free and 3 page website free for a year!

Plus, it comes with a great site builder and templates, so that you don’t need to know html or anything, just point and click and resize and upload photos and put your content in and whatnot. You don’t need more than three pages for your niche website if you just put a lot on each page and have people scroll down to see all of each page. In fact, I just tested it out, and yes, if you make a new Google account with a fake name and whatnot, AND you have another credit card or debit card to use, (they take credit card info so people can’t just spam them and get tons of free sites) you can get another free website and free domain name.

The second place is where you can get a free website, free templates, and point and click site builder. I put this one next because I think if you are going to have your domain be attached to a different top level domain, webs isn’t a bad one to have. It still looks professional and like it is completely legitimate. However, the site builder and especially the e-commerce options are a little less easy to understand than the next site I will show you.  The features ARE still perfectly usable and viable, even if clunky, so don’t be scared away. Check it out before you decide for sure. You may end up using all three options I lay out here!

The last free website suggestion I have is using which is like webs but the site builder is simpler and easier to understand. I personally especially like their e-commerce product blocks designed for selling your own product through paypal, also. If only there were a weebly with a webs-like professional name. (just a note, if you use Adsense on weebly while using their free websites, they take half of the earnings. If you upgrade, they don’t take any of your earnings though, I believe.)

On webs and weebly, you have a choice of buying your own top-level domain, which is your own decision. Honestly, it might help you rank better for whatever phrase you choose as your URL, but you can definitely do without it also. It’ll cost you more on these sites to get a domain name, so you could get one elsewhere and use it, but I think they may also charge you for that.

The free site builders are awesome for someone with little technical knowledge. It always helps when playing around with websites to know a little basic html, but you don’t particularly need it.

Also, I will be posting a little instruction booklet on easy html for beginners soon. So look for that if you have a hard time with it.

So if you go without a top-level domain and keep it strictly free, you still should use your main key-phrase as the URL, or as close as possible.

You could also use places like


to make niche pages and blogs for free. In fact, this is what I usually do first, to give my niche a test drive and see if its worth it making a whole website on it.

These are very simple and easy to use too, though I don’t like a blog for the fact that it can be hard for visitors to navigate easily to each and any topic and post you make unless you put every post as a category as I have here.

The great thing about using hubpages and blogs at first is that you have a ready made great place to link between once you do make your free website. Or you can transfer all your great content from the blog to the website, and delete the blog or change its content so that its not duplicating your website.

Just a note: if you like this information, and want even more really valuable info on all the ways to do everything online for free, be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already, so you will be the first to know when we switch to membership only and start revealing the heavy stuff!


Let me know what you think! If you have any questions I am always happy to talk about it and help any way I can!

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