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Ready-To-Buy Theory

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Hot niches that sell

Get traffic that already has its credit card out for you!

The best niches to get into are those that stand the test of time, and will continue to be popular next year and in 10 years. You don’t want to put a ton of work into something that fizzles after the summer is over. Not unless it will guaranteed get super popular next summer and the summer after!

So what areas will stand the test of time? There are three main ones I can think of, and they all have to do with things people have been dealing with as long as there have been people. These are health, money, and love. Rap stars rap about this stuff all the time, and why? Because they are the main things on anyone’s mind, all the time. The three main desires of any human being. Health, money, and love. And if you are a cool rapper dude, you are required to brag about the fact that you have all three in spades.

That brings me to the next point in our theory. Ready-To-Buy people are looking for solutions to things that are on their mind, that they are thinking about all the time, that causes a real problem for them. Ready-To-Buy people are the non-rappers in life, people who can’t claim to have a lotta hoes and rain money and look like a dime or whatever.

Now, obviously these three things are well commercialized on the internet as well, but there are SO MANY angles and various sub-topics within each of these three Ready-To-Buy niches that, literally thousands upon thousands of different angles on problems people have in these three areas.

Take health for example. Here is a short list of different angles you can go with:

  • Weight loss

    • obesity in kids

    • obesity in pets

    • office workers

    • old people

  • Wrinkles

    • stretch marks

    • scars

  • Heart Attack Risk

  • Natural Ways to Heal ____.

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Living w/ a Donated Organ

    • kidney

    • lung

    • heart

    • bone marrow

The list goes on. What sort of list can you make for love? What sort of list can you make for money? A lot of them will be taken, but most potential niches are not yet taken! You can and will find many you can run with!

Whatever niche you choose to fill, just make sure its about something that is on people’s minds. Maybe not even on most people’s minds, but if its something that will take up the intense interest and concentration of even a few people, you can make sales and convert like crazy on all the traffic you get.


Let me know what you think! If you have any questions I am always happy to talk about it and help any way I can!

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