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Affiliate Niche Marketing: Selling Someone Else’s Product

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piles of e books

Find hundreds of E books and products to sell on your niche websites. Pick ones you are excited about and really think will help people, and you are liable to sell a lot more!

When it comes to being an affiliate and selling someone else’s product, there are literally hundreds and thousands of options you could go with. Here are some of the more popular ones, though many individual product and service sites offer their own affiliate program.

  • Google affiliate network

You can also use to find the best, highest paying affiliate programs relevant to the niche you are marketing!

Simply sign up with the individual website’s affiliate program to become an affiliate (associate on amazon) and use their links to link to whatever it is you want your niche traffic to buy. Read through their instructions thoroughly so you can take advantage of any and all the ways they offer of promoting their products and how to use their links. Use images a lot, people love pictures of things.

The only thing to think about with selling someone else’s product is that you have to share the profits with someone else. You can earn more with some affiliate programs than others, but you are still usually cutting profits at least 50/50 with someone else.

Positive things about affiliate marketing is the wide range of products you can offer and market. Clickbank’s average earning potential is 50% so that is pretty good, especially when you find a great product to market. Amazon, which only gives you 4% of the total sale, is only worth it if you can sell a ton of products, or if you can sell big ticket items, and still you will want to be able to sell those at a pretty good clip to make any real moola with Amazon, or Ebay for that matter.

Depending on what niche you pick, you can also find some individual websites products and services from which you can earn an awesome commission. Like I say above, checking out is good place to start looking for the best ones out there.

More on how to pick a niche that sells like hotcakes later.