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Free Keyword Popularity to Search Results Ratio System

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The key to making money with keywords is to find a keyword phrase people are actively searching for, but that isn't bringing up a lot of results.

The keyword popularity to search results ratio means, how many people search for something versus how many results show up when you search for it. You want as many people searching to as little search results as possible to easily rank on the first page. For example if 10,000 people are all searching for a certain word or phrase, but there are 10,000 results found when they search it, your content containing that keyword may rank high up in the 10,000 but chances are, not near the first page, and out of range of any good traffic. There are a few tools out there that can do this, but they all cost money to do anything useful with. Google Adwords Keyword Tool is a free keyword tool that is just as good as the ones that charge you to use them.

  1. If you don’t have a Google account, you will need to get one.

  2. Then you will need to sign in to Adwords from your Google account. You don’t need to start a campaign or anything, you can leave all that blank.

  3. Go to Tools and Analysis and click on Keyword Tool.

  4. Now, this is important, go to the left sidebar and check the box next to the word “Phrase”. This will make the toolbar find how many times the exact phrase is searched, without any added or slightly changed words.

  5. Type in a click-able keyword or phrase and hit search to see how many people search for it each month. (What is a click-able keyword phrase?)

  6. Bring up a new window or tab (tab is easiest) and type in the keyword or phrase you are researching, as if you are Googling it. Important: Put “” at the ends of each phrase you Google. Example: “studded dog collars”. This will bring up only results that contain exactly that phrase.

  7. Look at how many results occur from this search. For best results you want it to be under 500 results found, to easily rank in the top ten when you write an article titled and keyworded with this exact phrase.

  8. Compare the Google keyword tools results (how many people search for it) with the Googled search results (how many results are found by the people who search for it).

You want the number of people searching to be higher*, and the number of results LOW. This will mean that when you make something with this keyword phrase, be it a website, article, Squidoo lens, etc, you will most likely attain top ten status with your unique fresh content, and get a fair share of the traffic from the people who search that phrase, in addition to possibly making it quite high in results for people who search similar phrases.

*When finding this ratio for niche sites and affiliate sites, keep in mind that even 20 people a month searching your phrase is good if they are guaranteed to click your link and be hungry to buy your advertised product! Find a few “20 a month” phrases and you can have a good amount of traffic with an incredible conversion rate!