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How Many Backlinks Do You Need to Gain PageRank and Build SEO?

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super easy to gain pagerank with google update

How Easy is it to Gain Pagerank With Latest Google Update?

Language warning: This post is full of crap.

Some people are horrified by Google’s update this past summer, but I personally am pretty happy with it. It now takes much less effort to gain Pagerank that it used to! That is, with a completely new url and project. Old projects that have had much time and effort, not to mention money, thrown into them to rank them up to the top of Google have been finding themselves spurned by the same Google that used to love them because of their many hundreds or thousands of backlinks with calculated anchor text.

Here is why I say its much easier to rank now (on new projects):

1. Anchor text has little to no meaning anymore. It doesn’t matter if you simply get your bare url out there, it’s the same as taking the time to use anchor text. In fact, too many of the same anchor text will hurt your page rank. So using random names for comments and stuff, instead of putting in your keyword for your name and risking a likely moderator deletion, is no longer necessary, in fact its better to put some random real name.

2. It takes much fewer links to gain rank. This is owing to the fact of how many thousands and millions of crappy web pages being de-indexed by Google at the moment. Let me rephrase: It takes much fewer links to gain rank for a webpage that Google thinks is worth keeping. That mean unique content, google ads BELOW the fold, not a spam page. Of course, google can’t REALLY tell if you are making a crappy spam page, but they can see many of the signs of one, judging purely by statistics, and WILL de-index your page if it has many statistical similarities to a crappy spam webpage that is not really useful. This means your website or page MUST have good useful content, and not look like its only there to shove crap in peoples faces for you to make a little money.

This is also owing to the fact that having thousands of backlinks can really be a bad thing in Googles new update. They would rather find fewer, REAL backlinks from people who like your content, than a bunch of links published by you with linking service and the like. Of course, it can still be you who builds the backlinks, but not with an automated service, and only in places your link belongs, such as a credit line for a blog post on another blog, or as twitter post saying how awesome your site is.

Here’s how I get at least Pagerank 2 within 2 months on everything I do.

Do this:

  1. Write something useful. Make sure to put a heading, subheading, and sub-subheading in the page somewhere, with a keyword in each. (see Choosing Good Keywords) Doesn’t even have to be your whole keyphrase, just a word or most of the phrase. Bold your keyphrase ONCE in the page where it has been written in a paragraph. Make sure you have at least 350 words total. Put an image or two, and alt tag or title tag them with your keyword or phrase, no more than TWO to an image.
  2. Make a great, full Squidoo page about something people want to read about, revelant to your page. Link to your page from it.
  3. Make a halfway decent WordPress blog page or post relevant to it, and link to it from the post or page.
  • (Honestly, you can just say “are you looking to solve this problem? Go here! And here! Or here!” on a WordPress page, and it’ll give results. People will click right on through to your link, and Google will think it must be a useful page with such a good click through rate and they’ll keep it indexed)

Then this:

  1. Write 2 great blog posts for relevant blogs and submit them as guest posts with the page in the bio box. OR two articles and submit to Ezine or the like. It doesn’t help to have your content re-copied over the internet if you are trying to rank THAT content, but it does if you are trying to spread a link around.
  2. Tweet about it about 10 times, Facebook it once, and send it through Only-wire service. I personally only use about 25 of the Only-wire deals, even though they have what, 50 you can use? I still haven’t even gotten through my free submissions yet.
  3. You don’t have to, but commenting on relevant pages and blogs, such as other squidoo lenses on the topic, blogs and articles on the topic ( you can comment on articles on Bukisa) and what not, about 20 times, doesn’t hurt. Just be sure to use a  real name and not anchor text, and say something useful, not spammy. If nothing else, it’ll bring in some extra traffic which helps a lot. Seriously, even one new person visiting your page can affect its rank. It doesn’t take that much.

That’s all. Tralala… Pagerank 2 in 2 months. or PR 3 or 4, depending on the traffic you attract through only doing that much. I mean, you can do that like 6 times over , and see what happens then, of course. I am totally giving it a go, myself. We  are all still learning how SEO is going to work after the new Google crackdown.

Some people make it seem so difficult, like do all this, and get a lot of traffic, and pay for links, and write a ton of article.. NO! Its not that hard. No you can’t do it ALL in one day, but by next month you’ll totally have it all done. Even next week if your at all inspired.

Its not gonna hurt to wait for inspiration before you start writing the articles or posts to submit. Its gonna be fun making that Squidoo page, and if its not, then you haven’t found enough to make a page about yet, so don’t bother. Just use this page as a guide, check the things off your list as you do them, and you’ll see.

Come back in 2 months and tell me how right I am! :)