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The Hour A Day Plan: How to Build Your Online Income With One Hour A Day the Free Way

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Everyone online will tell you, time is your most valuable thing when it comes to making money on the internet. This is absolutely true. Partly because the longer something is online, the more valuable it becomes, so getting it up there and on search engines radar is important.

So when you are determined not to spend a dime, (or don’t have a dime, like me back in the day) you need to really have a handle on how you are spending your time online each day (which I did NOT do at first either).

Its all well and good to just jump in and try things, and its good to get the systems and various websites all figured out, but wouldn’t it be nice while your doing that, that the articles you are producing and the niche marketing techniques you are trying were ones that really work and will bring you in some real money?

In order for you to accomplish this, you will really need to be sure that what you are writing about or going into for a niche will be an attention getter, something people want a lot and think about a lot.

The hardest part here is that you might not necessarily be concerned at all about something that most people are. The only thing you might want right now is the latest iPad, and, seeing that its a pretty popular thing to search for, and you can get some affiliate commissions selling it on Amazon, you may think, “Yeah, I’ll give it a try selling some of those babies.”

This is where I was stuck for a while. I didn’t have any big concerns, and it was hard for me to fully grasp that there are a few niches, namely in the health, love, and money areas, with millions of people who have HUGE concerns in these areas. There are a couple niches that are somewhat as popular but these are the main ones, and the great thing about them?

They aren’t the latest new thing. They won’t be out of date in 6 months or out of style next year. People are ALWAYS concerned about money, love and their health, and always running into some kind of problem with them. The great thing is, if we can help these people, then we can offer them a service and perhaps be compensated for our time and effort.

So, number one rule in making money in only an hour a day is to choose wisely in what money-making activities you will be participating in and trying out. Get started on the right track now (as you are doing here) rather than flounder around with vague ideas and no real chance of making money.

Remember to use the Keyword Popularity to Search Result Ratio to find long tail keywords and get focused in on a sub niche within the three most enduring and popular niche categories I laid out for you before. Then, use your Myth-buster strategy for writing about things you don’t really know about (but will after you finish writing!) and get some unique writing done.

Here is an outline of how you may want to spend your hour a day for the next couple weeks and beyond, to really get focused on what will make you money and start getting it done.

Article Writing, Niche Marketing, Freelance Work

  • Day 1: Register with your choice of Freelance website. Fill out your profile as completely as possible. Register with the entire list of Pay Per Article websites. Keep them in a bookmark folder.

  • Day 2: Apply to 1 or 2 jobs on the freelance site. Check over the list of available titles and topics to write about in 3 or 4 of the article websites. Pick a couple that fall under one of the three enduring categories, health, money, or love. Make notepad files with the titles of the articles you chose. Begin to research one of them.

  • Day 3: Check if you have the freelance job. If you do, start on it. If you don’t, continue with the article you began researching yesterday. When you think you have found enough on that subject, begin researching the other. Do a thorough job of it, make sure you have everything in your notes that you think you may write about.

  • Day 4: Work on freelance job, OR start writing your first article. Publish it.

  • Day 5: Forget freelance job for today unless you have a deadline, or really have your head in the game about it. Finish either your first article, or start and finish your second one. Bring up notepad again, label it niche ideas, and begin to research a niche.

  • Day 6: Continue with freelance work. Give yourself 10 minutes at the end to keep looking at niche options. Don’t rush the niche you pick. Just because somethings popular, does not mean it will be next week. Make sure you choose from the three enduring categories.

  • Day 1, Week 2: Continue freelance work. If you are finished with a job, apply to a new 1 or 2. Check out the article titles again on the Pay Per Article sites. Pick out another two to get done. Make notepad entries for each.

  • Day 2: Research one article. Research your niche some more. Find some keywords with really great ratios, at least 5 or 6.

  • Day 3: Freelance work, or apply to another couple jobs. Research the second article.

  • Day 4: Write both articles, or as much as you can get done.

  • Day 5: Freelance work. Finish and submit articles.

  • Day 6: Submit all 4 articles you’ve written to the revenue sharing article websites. Research your niche some more. Find some fantastic keyword ratios. Continue making notes on it. Find your competition, make notes on them. What could you improve on? How could you be better? Is competition so little, you don’t need to worry?

  • Day 1, Week 3: Freelance work, or apply to another job. Find two more titles to write about.

  • Day 2: Research both articles. Begin to write.

  • Day 3: Freelance work, or write your articles and submit.

  • Day 4: Find the affiliates you will use with your niche. Make notes on them, and be sure to get any ideas for promoting their products. Make notes on anything the affiliate website can teach you about your niche.

  • Day 5: Freelance work, or Write articles and submit.

  • Day 5: Decide where you want your niche home to be. It can even be a squidoo lens, if you aren’t comfortable trying to do a free website. A squidoo lens or hubpage is a great place to start. Sign up with the respective site, and begin entering content. Use the myth-buster strategy if necessary.

  • Day 6: Do freelance work. Give yourself at least 20 minutes to keep working on your niche site. It will be a work in progress for a while, but that is OK. It can still start to do its job and be found on search engines now that it is up and out there.

Do you begin to see a pattern? 2 articles a week, and keep on your freelance work, 2 to 3 hours a week at least. You will really need the cash you bring in from that to keep motivated on the other things you do, until they start bringing in money too. You may even want to write this in a calendar or scheduler, so you aren’t distracted by other things or forget which thing you need to be doing.

Once you have your keywords, affiliates, and place to put it all, take a day to really flesh out your approach, the ideas and topics you will cover on your niche, and what you want to fill your page with. You may even feel like you have finished it in one day. But you will probably need 4 or 5 more days before you stop changing things around and adding and deleting things.

Do not worry if it your niche doesn’t seem to come together as well as you hoped, this niche has been well thought out but you can always make another one if you feel like something is just not clicking. Just take the next two or three weeks to research and think up a new one. Keep making a new one every two to three weeks, keep writing 2 articles a week for the pay per article and submitting what you can to the revenue sharing sites. And keep on that freelance work.

Continue this and I guarantee at the end of three months you will see a small but rewarding and ever increasing stream of money falling into your Adsense and PayPal accounts, and from there into your preferred hometown bank account. (Do you use credit unions instead of banks? I always do, when I can. Less crap and fees to worry about.) Of course, with the freelance work, you will be seeing money as soon as you finish the first job, but I am talking about that combined with article sales, revenue sharing, and affiliate sales.

Oh, almost forgot! You will want to take 30 minutes a week to do this: Make a stumbleupon account, a google + account, and any other of your preferred social networking sites which you may already possess profiles on. Make sure you add each of your articles and your niche sites to these places, and post the links on Facebook and wherever else your digital persona resides. A good idea is to get the free toolbar. Linkbuilding is an essential traffic magnet and good for page rankings too.

More on linkbuilding and social bookmarking later.

Also I will soon provide a list of high PR sites you can begin to spread links around on for free.

On second thought, I think I may keep the high PR list for my paid membership because what good is it to us if everyone else knows about it too, right?

Would you like a list of 35+ PR7 to PR9 sites that you can post links on for free if you know how?

Let me know and I may get cooking on the membership site faster so you can get the list really soon!