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Easy Way to Get Hundreds of Free BackLinks Fast: Using RoboSoft

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How to use Robosoft to get free backlinks

Totally legitimate, hundreds of absolutely free and FAST backlinks!

Robosoft is a automatic software submission program, which means if you have created a software program, you can enter its details and file location into Robosoft, and the auto-submit program will go through its list of thousands of sites and open accounts with them for you and submit your software to the site. You can edit things like which account username and password it should try to use first on the accounts, and you can edit pretty much everything else too.

The great thing about Robosoft is that the things it does are not confined to submitting software. Within its list of submission sites are press release sites to which it submits a press release that you write for it, and search engines and website directories to which it submits your site and a description of your site.

All you have to do is download the 30 day free trial -no credit card or anything! install it, wait for it to download all its sites info and get powered up for you, and then follow my instructions here:

1. under the products tab, click +new company

2. enter the information, using your website as your company, for example use your target keyword phrase for the company name (within reason)

3. click +new product while you have your “company” profile selected

4. Fill out each as completely as possible. Read the help text that shows up in the lower box when a field is selected, it will often guide you. If you don’t have something, like affiliate merchant ids and that sort of thing, or if the field doesn’t apply to you, don’t fill those out.

5. When you are done filling out fields (remember to enter program descriptions in ALL 6 descriptions fields under English, or whatever your native tongue is) save and exit it.

6. Run a validation check by clicking Validate Now.

7. It will bring up errors. You should fix each one. If it says it needs a field filled out that you didn’t feel pertained to you, figure out something to put in it, hopefully something that will be promotional to your website.

8. One of the critical errors will be that it couldn’t find a pad.xml or that you didn’t enter a pad.xml URL. This is fine. Here is what you do:

if you can upload files directly to your directory, and you know where it will land when you upload it, type in the url like so-  (you won’t be changing “pad” into any other filename, just leave it as pad.xml

9. Fix errors and run the validation until the only error showing is that it can’t find your file on your website.

10. Click Export, then click export pad.xml

11. Upload the pad.xml to your website directory. Make sure its URL is the same one you entered in the pad file.

12. Run the validation again, just to be sure its finding it now.

This seems like a lot and it does take a couple hours to get through it all, but its so much less than the days and days you would spend submitting your URL and trying to get backlinks to all those directories and sites.

Ok now..

13. Click the little wand deal that says Auto… and click Submit. It’ll ask you for categories to try to enter your “software” and site into. Put a few words in that describe your software. If its a e-book, be sure to put the words ebook and literature, and writing.

14. It’ll have a deal wanting your email port and smpt info. I dont know why but this always failed for me. However, I only missed out on exactly 12 submission because of this. Feel free to tell it to skip sites that need this, and go on to the next step.

15. Give it the go ahead to start submitting and let it run. It’ll take about an hour for 500 submissions.

16. When its finished, it’ll ask you if you want to do the captcha’s it couldn’t figure out. You can click yes and get to work on those, or no, and you can do them at the end of the next time you autosubmit ( you will want to do at least 3 rounds of auto submit, you’ll see why in the next step) You will see it has already submitted to a tidy little list of sites, getting you tons of easy fast free backlinks.

17. Go the email address you had Robosoft specify in the pad file. click through all the emails and verify the registrations.

18. Go back to Robosoft. run the autosubmit again. do the captcha’s at the end again. I have been getting about 50% success rates with my submissions. if you get a 50% success rate on this second submission, you will have at least 300 back links now made, just like that.

19. Wait three days. run it again. This is to catch all the websites that were down or weren’t working for some reason the first day. there are more than you think. Also, in between this time, make sure you’ve checked the email again and verified any new emails that have come in.

20. Do it all over again with a new product under the same company. rename the company into a different keyword phrase, if you want. Your super easy, free back links are unlimited if you keep producing and submitting new products, within your free month trial.

Product Ideas to Submit:

E-book. Write a short but useful e-book on a subject matter pertaining to your website. Heck put links in that too if you want. Affiliate marketers? Promote your affiliate website and your affiliate links in one go. You never know.. Make sure its legitimately halfway interesting though, at least. You really never know if you can make some sales this way. People take this stuff and spread it around to their own websites and mailing lists.. So if your ebook is only a compilation of PLR material, make it some darn good PLR stuff.

Make the E-book into a pdf, turn the pdf file into a zipped file so that you can upload it to your website for download (the pad.xml file will require the URL where your product can be downloaded, after all)

The pad file will also require a screenshot. Make a quick “book cover” in MS paint or similar program with info like the title, website and author on the cover, and relating picture if you want, of course. Make the image under but near 800 x 500 pixels for the pad file requirements. The pad file will require an icon of 32 x 32 pixels. you can just use a shrunken, cropped image of the book-cover.

You could also have someone make you a simple screensaver of some sort. You can hire someone on a free lance site to do it pretty quickly and cheaply. Have them make 4 or 5 and submit them all… You will have to do the screenshot, file upload to your website, and 32 x 32 icon for these too.

If you have some legitimate software you have made, all the better. You can submit to WAY more sites, sites that only take certain kinds of software, if you make what they are looking for.

Update: Make sure not to overdo it or make too many links with the same exact anchor text or title. Too many links built at once can penalize your site, especially with the same anchor text in them all. However, many of these software sites take up to three weeks to a month to approve your listing, so it will be spread out at least that far each time you submit.