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Making Money With Fiverr

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If you don’t know what Fiverr is, go take a look: Do Things For $5. Cool huh? I bet you already have TONS of ideas! Before you go try them all, let me just give you a few tips from when I was using Fiverr myself, both as a worker and a buyer.

  • You actually only earn $4 per gig you complete. Fiverr takes $1 for themselves.

  • Some of the things people are offering seem incredible (3000 twitter followers in 24 hours for $5? 5000 back-links to your URL?) but things like that are done with programs that you can buy online for a few dozen dollars usually, and frankly, the twitter followers are all bots, no matter what the gig says, just useless, and the back-links, well, they are junk but a lot of it. I tested it on a few support sites to a main website and it didn’t seem to hurt anything. But just know its a program spinning articles and shoving them on junk sites no-one visits except bots.

  • People DO make a full time living with Fiverr.

  • Once you do a few gigs, you are able to give Extra options, where people can pay more to have you do extra stuff.

  • When making gigs, think about how long it will take to do a gig, and how long you are willing to spend making $4.

  • The sky is the limit on things you can do. You can offer to write 250 words of content for $5. You can edit a photo, make people look skinnier or like they have larger eyes, etc. for $5. Make sure you say why they should hire you to do it instead of someone else.

It can also be fun, even addicting, to order gigs on Fiverr and see what happens. There are a lot of funny, kooky ones that are popular. You may consider doing a gig like that yourself.  Its also a great place to buy convincing video testimonials, advertising videos, and so much more. You can find things for $5 on Fiverr for your website or business that might cost you $50 elsewhere. Just be careful how much you spend!