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Myth-buster Strategy: Easily Write On Things You Don’t Know About

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Myth-buster here, you DO NOT need to know much of anything about the subject you choose to write about. All you need to know is enough about it that you can judge whether its good information worth writing about. This is something I do as a copy writer all the time.

All manner of websites need stuff written for them, and not all the websites are about things I know a lot about.

So, I research. I bring up notepad and take notes as I search Google on my subject, simply glancing through places with info on my topic, quickly cutting out anything that might be relevant and pasting it into notepad.

I think about what the beginning, middle and end will be about and try to find plenty of notes to take on all three.

I go back and write about it, using my notes.

I tie together things from many different places and put it in my own words.

I manage to take many short, rather uninformative blurbs of info, or even long, uninformative essays on a subject, and turn it into a readable, informative article on a subject I had no clue about yesterday.

I add my own insights as I write, things I realize must also be true from the facts I have discovered about the topic, or maybe ways I feel about the topic, or other ways to apply the topic of which I have just thought up. I make it my own work by gathering the facts, turning them into a single unique, valuable text, and adding at least one idea or thought that is not found anywhere else on the web.

Its kinda fun actually.

For example, one time I needed to write about wedding dresses, as the keywords were wedding dress, wedding gown, bridal gown,… you get the picture. All I knew about wedding dresses was this : They are supposed to be pretty. They are usually white. They can be expensive.

After about 5 minutes of browsing about wedding dresses, seeing what sort of info was out there on them, I chose topics for the beginning, middle and end of my content “article” I was writing, with topics including how to choose a dress by where the wedding will be, what your body shape is, and by your personality. I decided on the first two topics while looking up wedding gowns, and I made up the last one.

I made it up because I saw there are wedding gowns that only a certain unique person might wear, and such things like wearing a red dress or a white with black trim, those things depend on your personality and if you are up to being less than traditional. And nobody else was talking about it.

The main topic of the article was How to Choose a Wedding Dress, obviously, and then I wrote about three things people need to consider about it. You know what? I’m sure I could find ten more things under that topic but I didn’t need to; the word count of the article I was writing could be filled with three.

How do you feel about your ability to do this same thing with any other subject out there? Here are some topics to practice on, if you like. I have used the Keyword Popularity to Search Ratio system on them so they are ready for you to write articles for revenue sharing sites.

how to cure pre diabetes naturally”

treat mosquito bites naturally”

how to find a better girlfriend”

These are all niche keywords which people are searching for and there are little to NONE exact match search results. (remember, this doesn’t mean there aren’t results from it. It just means that anything you write that says exactly that key phrase as the title and a couple times in the text will come up first in Google results)

FYI: in a short time, I will be making this site into a paid membership site, because of the intensely valuable information I am giving away, and to keep the number of people who can use the information to an exclusive minimum, to give us all a better chance of keeping the niches we discover to ourselves!

So take advantage of it while its free!

And make sure to sign up quick when it becomes closed to the public, because I am serious when I say it will be pretty exclusive. My goal is to help a few succeed like crazy with me. I can’t do that with thousands of people.