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Something to Sell for Niche Marketing: Make Your Own Product

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Write your own ebook. Get an isbn for it and you can even sell it on Amazon! Or Lulu.

There are two ways to get your own product to sell. Make it yourself, or have someone make it for you and buy the rights to it. People do both, but for the sake of doing everything for free, I would say make it yourself. You can make your own solid product that you create and make by hand or however you choose, if you have an idea for a product that helps someone with their problem in the niche you are targeting. An Ebook is a really great thing to make yourself and sell because it requires no manufacture, after the initial research and writing, and no shipping or inventory to hold onto. Write something (include pictures and diagrams, where relevant) that helps the people searching for your niche topic.

Make sure what you sell is really going to help them or have a chance at helping them, because they will tell their friends if it is a great product. Word of mouth sales are the easiest sales you can make, but to get those sales, your E-book or solid product must give the buyer what he or she was looking for.

Well, that’s certainly easier said than done, right? Here’s the great part. All you really need to know, to write an E-book, is how to do is gather information from different sources, put it together coherently and clearly, and in your own words. Use the myth-buster writing strategy. If you want, you can even reference the places you got the information so they can go look there themselves for more info on any certain subject. Just make sure the Ebook product is valuable in itself in some way, also, and that you add your own perspective to it all.

 More on writing E-books later.