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Write Articles and Get Paid Per View or From Ad Revenue

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Water your money tree a little more every time you write and submit an article to revenue sharing article bases. How often do you water your money tree?

This article has been updated for the August Google SE Update and the edit at the bottom MUST be read for anyone interested in article revenue sharing as a way to earn income..

People talk a lot about writing articles to make money online, and this is usually what they are talking about. You take something you know a bit about, and you write an article on it. When someone searches for knowledge on that subject, and finds it online, and clicks to your article and reads it, or not, and then clicks an ad, that’s how you make money with ad revenue. Its also called revenue sharing, because the article site is usually splitting the revenue your article brings in with you by a certain percentage. Pay-per-view is pretty explanatory I hope, and is commonly paid at the rate of $1 to $1.50 per thousand views.

You’re not dumb, you can already see there’s pretty much a fat chance in heck with the glut of information online nowadays that your article, however well written, will be found a whole lot and clicked on and read. Much less the chance of someone clicking an ad afterward. Besides how much can you earn from someone clicking an ad? 20-30 cents at best?

Let me clear some stuff up. First, yes, the internet is glutted with information, a lot of it copied, a lot of it false, a lot of it dated from 5 years ago when it was possible to pump out 100’s of stupid articles that were badly written and made no sense just so people would hopefully click an ad after going to the article. Its still possible to pump out 100’s of articles with a special “spin” program.

You will sometimes see writing that seems like bad grammar, or funny, not-quite-right words being used. That is a spin program article, which has taken a perfectly good well written article, and “spun” it, changing most of the noun and verb phrases in the article using a thesaurus-like script, so that it seems like a new article saying the same thing. A good spin program can do this 100’s of times with the same article. Its annoying as heck, isn’t it?

Good thing Google is usually pretty good nowadays about seeing truly unique new articles and content, and putting them much higher in rank than old or spun articles. I’m not even going to get into why pleasing Google and getting a high page rank is good right now. On to the part about how to write an article that makes you some money, and why you WOULD want to do this.

The truth is, yes, you will on average only make 20 cents a click or so. Sometimes, if you article is pulled up using a highly competitive keyword, and someone paid a lot of money for their ad to be clicked on by someone using that keyword, you can earn as much as $5 to $10 but that is rare and you have to really work at it to get your nose above water in those highly competitive keywords.

The formula for making money with articles is to write them uniquely, rank them high in Google for keywords that are searched quite often, get a lot of traffic, and write a lot of them.

Why in the heck would you ever spend an hour or two researching an writing an article that will net you 20 cents every hundred or so visitors? Some people wouldn’t. But let me tell you why some do. Because if its a good article, it’ll only get more and more visitors to it per month. That means more and more 20 cents’s per month.

If you write an article a day for a month, that’s 30 x 20 cents per 100 visitors (if 1% of your visitors clicks an ad) and in the first month, you might only get 50 visitors to an article. But it will go up from there. In 6 months, 30 articles can be earning their share of 20 cents’s 4 or 5 times a month or more, which would be 30 articles x 20 cents (per 100 visitors) x 5 (500 visitors a month, this means) = 30 bucks a month. And that income won’t stop.

While those articles are bringing that 30 bucks in, you are writing more articles. The articles you wrote in your second month, will be earning their 30 bucks in the 7th month, so that you are now getting 60 bucks a month, and keep adding 30 bucks each month, how many months till you are ready to stop writing? If you write for 3 years, you can never type another word and have a steady income of over $1000 coming in every month. So, work at home mom, can you write an article a day while your kid is taking a nap?

Granted, who can find something new to write about every day for three years? Not me. That’s why I do more than write articles online, I do quite a few things actually, and now I run this website too, which is super cool to be able to show other moms how they can work from home and do their own thing. But, you can find quite a lot to write about simply by using my article writing formula and applying it for yourself.

There are, in fact, thousands of topics that are NOT written about yet on the internet, regardless of what people say. At least, not written about in your particular way.

You can write more articles by using the Myth-buster strategy to write a great article on something you don’t know anything about. You will probably find you will be doing this quite often. (How to write an article on something you don’t know anything about.)

Now, you need to find out what you will write about. You want to write about something people are looking for info for, but that isn’t already clogging the net with tons of information on already. How you do that is by using the free keyword to search ratio system. (What is the free Keyword to Search Ratio system?)

Once you have found your click-able key phrase or long tail keyword, using the keyword to search results ratio system, you need to begin researching (see above).

Third, having all your notes, read them over, see where you might like to start, and put them all together into an informative, uniquely written article (when I say unique I mean don’t cut and paste or be like an article spin program and just change a few words into other words with the same meaning. Write it all in your own words, add your own insights and opinions.

If you don’t know how to do all this or put an article together, well, article writing is probably not for you but you are totally free to check out a few of the many other ways to make money online! Article writing is certainly not the end all and be all of making money online, by any means. (Find more money-making ideas.)

Now, once you have your great article written, you need to submit it where it will earn some money from ads. You also need to submit it where it will be found by Google so it can start to rank in search results and be found by eager information seekers. Here are your best choices based on good passive income earning potential, in no particular order:


Important! Please Take Note! Maximize Your Money Making Opportunity!

I advise you to sign up with most or ALL of the sites listed in Writing Articles for Revenue Sharing, and keep them bookmarked in a special folder to systematically submit each new article you write to each of them. Most of the article sites require applying to be a writer with them. Just give them a great sample and stick through the application process. One or two may deny you. You can try again, or if you are satisfied with the rest, don’t bother.

I want to point out RedGage for you, this site welcomes all your content, it is first and foremost just a place where you can put all your content you ever wrote and link to them, so great for building links easily, AND it pays you a little for the views you get on there. So, stuff you are doing anyways, you might as well put on RedGage for the awesome extra links and small extra money. This actually applies to blogs and whatnot also.

When you have an article to submit, submit it to as many article databases as possible. One article may only net you a few cents on one site, while continually raking in a few dollars or more on another site.

Some of these sites will also have a list of suggested articles to write, articles they REALLY want written and are looking for content on that subject eagerly. You have a chance to earn even more by looking through this list to see which ones you might write. ALWAYS RETAIN ALL RIGHTS TO YOUR ARTICLES. Do not give away the rights, this is unnecessary as people will still pay to use the articles, and it enables you to submit articles across every site for maximum earning potential.

Edit: Read edit at the end of this page! Some article submission sites say “Do not submit content that you have already placed elsewhere on the web” and you will need to heed that, or else it will just be deleted and you may be banned on the site. These places have pretty sophisticated software for finding duplicate web content now. But if there is a place to put already published content, go ahead and do so. You can also rewrite your articles in a unique UNSPUN way and submit them to other sites.

Some of these sites will need an ID from an ad seller’s account, such as Chitika or Adsense, in order to let you earn off the ads placed on your article pages. Adsense seems to be the only common one throughout all the sites, so if you want to keep it easy, sign up for an Adsense account with your Google account and use it across all sites.

Otherwise, you can sign up for the other types of accounts each site offers to let you earn through. You also may want to get a PayPal account if you don’t have one already, because the sites which pay for your articles to be published will usually want to pay via PayPal.

PayPal is super easy and convenient and I have never had a problem with them except people like to spam email you and pretend to be PayPal, asking you to go to their link and sign in to fix a problem with your account, when there isn’t any problem. They just want to scam you out of your password for PayPal. Do watch out for those emails. You probably have gotten them even if you don’t have a PayPal account, am I right?

It is absolutely a great idea to link articles together if you can, or use the bio and reference bits at the bottom to link to your other stuff online, so that you can get some extra traffic circulating that way. Not to mention, every little bit helps with links for gaining page rank.

Oh my goodness, I’m so excited for you to get started! I hope you have already started! Just come back here for reference through the process to make sure you aren’t forgetting anything (I forget stuff all the time, I actually would benefit myself from checking my list when I write articles).

What the August 2012 Google SE Update Means to Your Article Revenue! Please Read!

Google August 2012 update means that any copied content on the web has LESS value than content which is completely unique. It has always been so but the new update takes it to a stern and drastic new level. To that end, I advise you to NOT put the same article in more than one revenue sharing site. AND it may be advisable to mark them as articles which cannot be taken and reused without your express consent. That means no Creative Commons license, because if you article is taken and put on someone else’s website it loses value, and subsequent shares and uses decrease its value to search engines even further.

Also, this may mean the beginning of the end for writing articles and submitting to revenue share sites as a way to make real income online. You may want to pursue other types of income streams such as affiliate marketing with your own website or freelancing your various talents on online job sites..