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Writing Website Content for My Own Website

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Unique website content

Adding unique website content and updating with new content is all important.

Its a highly touted fact that content is king, and what does this mean? It means unique content, quality content, and a lot of it. Basically, if you have more content that is absolutely unique to your site and not published anywhere else on the web, and that content is useful to the people who visit your site, then you WILL rank higher in Google search results than ANY of your competition. If you are not ranking high in search results for any particular term, this is the main reason why: Someone else has more unique, useful content, using that particular search phrase, than you do. Simple. Want to rank high in search results? Add more unique, well written content for that keyword phrase.

I say well written because of this: Google will initially rank you high for lots of unique content, but if people are not interested in what they see and stay on your site, and come back to your site again because its so useful to them, Google will start to put the thumbs down on you, no matter how much content you have on a certain keyword. You MUST keep people interested and coming back with your great awesome content, or you will lose all that gained page rank as fast as you got it.

As an example, take a quick look at this site. The site itself is about something really uninteresting to all but those who are affected by what its about. However, even though it is not relevant to me or probably you, at all, it is still interesting and makes you want to search around and read more. See how he does it:

Here I must reiterate all the old warnings and advice you see on everyone else’s advice blogs and sites:

  • Do not overuse your keyword. A keyword density of 2 or 3% is natural looking to the search engines. More is not. If you use it more than that, see if you can’t change it just a little, maybe make some of them into a different keyword phrase.

  • Put your exact keyword phrase into your title. Make it look natural, but do it. If you have to put two sentences together with a : between them to make an end word look natural, do that. Exmple: Fifty Shades of Grey: Fanfiction Written by E. L. James. Originally, I had just written Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James as the title, but people were searching the term “fifty shades of grey fanfiction” a lot. And since what they really meant was that fifty shades of grey is Twilight fanfiction, calling my title simply “fifty shades of grey fanfiction” didn’t make sense. The topic wasn’t about fanfiction based on Fifty Shades of Grey after all. But it WAS fanfiction, itself, and that’s how I made it work.

  • Put your exact keyphrase at least two more places in the work, sort of in the middle and at the end if you can. Then interspice the seperate words in the keyphrase sporadically. It should be easy if you are writing on the topic of your target click-able keyphrase! (What is a click-able keyphrase?)

  • Add some great, attractive, NON-copyrighted pictures. Pictures are always attention getters.

More on how to get unique content for your website for free without having to write it later. There are two excellent FAST ways that I know of.

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