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Writing Website Content to Earn Money

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Earn money working by the hour or per project, creating website text content based on specified keywords and topics. Legitimate work at home jobs are the fastest way to earn real money online, though it doesn’t have the potential to become residual income.

On freelance work websites, you will find a lot of opportunity for writing website content or copy for a great variety of websites and topics. You can even make your own opportunity using (What is

Once thing you need to remember about writing copy or website content is that it isn’t yours after your write it. Its a great thing to put on your resume however, so be sure to ask if you can link to it as an example of your work for future employers when you are done doing a job for someone.

Make sure each piece of work you do is your best, and you can use them all to showcase your work, even if you aren’t paid very well for the first few pieces you do. Often, people will want you to write so many words for each page of their website, or they will request, as an example, 5 articles on such and such topic, 5 different angle of the same topic, between 250-500 words each.

You will then have to come up with at least 250 words to write about each of the 5 angles on the same topic. Unless you happen to be well-versed in that particular topic, you will need to research the topic using my Myth-buster strategy I outline for those who need to write about something they aren’t an expert on. (What is the Myth-buster strategy?)

I personally don’t feel its worth it, even starting out, to give someone content for their website and not keep any rights to it or any way to make more money on it, without charging at least 1.5 cents a word. Charge even more once you get the hang of it. But many people do it for less at first. Be critical of your writing skills but don’t discount them if they are great, charge what you are worth and no less. You will find a job I promise. (Where can I find a freelance online job?)