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Creating Free Android Apps (Like Angry Birds) to Earn Money on Ads

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Let me tell you the ugly truth right off the bat:

If you are reading this and still don’t have your own money making iPhone or iPad App empire YOU MISSED THE TRAIN, pal! Yep, you heard me right. Sounds harsh, I know, but someone needs to tell you the blatant truth already, so FACE IT: you missed the Gold Rush!

… But.. Here comes the newsflash. You still have a chance to make money with mobile apps and games, you are just looking in the wrong direction.

While the whole world is still crazy on Apps and iPhone, the new, suddenly emerging giant Android market is left UNTAPPED!


Download the ONLY “Click and Create” Android App Development Program

Discover the most complete ALL IN ONE program that allows you to create Apps and syphon over $2000 of passive income without any coding skills!

Make sure you don’t miss the gold rush again.
Creating Free Android Apps (Like Angry Birds) to Earn Money on AdsYou really don’t want to miss the boat. The reason is most people
will never realize how easy it is to make your own app. They believe
in a myth that it is just WAY too difficult to start and you need too
much money and top level programming skills for that. Well I am here
to finally get that out of your head!

Watch the Tutorial: Creating Android Apps With NO Coding Skills at All


Work and Earn Money Between Changing Diapers and Making Lunch

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There is one way similar to working on oDesk for you to earn something like an hourly wage, except that these places will pay you by the minute. Or rather by the task. Its often very repetitive, but easy easy work, and many times each task takes only a minute or less to complete. Its very flexible and you can stop and start at any time during the day.’s Mechanical Turk or is the most prevalent website offering small tasks or “hits” for pay. Sign up, wait the 24 hours or so it takes to be given access to begin work, and then choose something easy with no qualification requirements to try first. You will want to learn the ropes before delving into becoming qualified for the bigger higher paying tasks.

Another small task website is which works on basically the same way does, but in my opinion is easier to understand, less clunky and confusing.

These sites and jobs are legitimate, in that companies genuinely need these small repetitive tasks done, and often need them done by a variety of people. Work generally consists of categorizing text blurbs or pictures, or labeling, or solving captchas. Most tasks are intended to help a company improve their software or other functions.

You can’t generally earn a lot per hour, but its a lot better than not doing anything, and certainly better than those “get paid to take surveys” sites.

Have you tried out any of these type of websites? What did you think?

How Many Backlinks Do You Need to Gain PageRank and Build SEO?

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super easy to gain pagerank with google update

How Easy is it to Gain Pagerank With Latest Google Update?

Language warning: This post is full of crap.

Some people are horrified by Google’s update this past summer, but I personally am pretty happy with it. It now takes much less effort to gain Pagerank that it used to! That is, with a completely new url and project. Old projects that have had much time and effort, not to mention money, thrown into them to rank them up to the top of Google have been finding themselves spurned by the same Google that used to love them because of their many hundreds or thousands of backlinks with calculated anchor text.

Here is why I say its much easier to rank now (on new projects):

1. Anchor text has little to no meaning anymore. It doesn’t matter if you simply get your bare url out there, it’s the same as taking the time to use anchor text. In fact, too many of the same anchor text will hurt your page rank. So using random names for comments and stuff, instead of putting in your keyword for your name and risking a likely moderator deletion, is no longer necessary, in fact its better to put some random real name.

2. It takes much fewer links to gain rank. This is owing to the fact of how many thousands and millions of crappy web pages being de-indexed by Google at the moment. Let me rephrase: It takes much fewer links to gain rank for a webpage that Google thinks is worth keeping. That mean unique content, google ads BELOW the fold, not a spam page. Of course, google can’t REALLY tell if you are making a crappy spam page, but they can see many of the signs of one, judging purely by statistics, and WILL de-index your page if it has many statistical similarities to a crappy spam webpage that is not really useful. This means your website or page MUST have good useful content, and not look like its only there to shove crap in peoples faces for you to make a little money.

This is also owing to the fact that having thousands of backlinks can really be a bad thing in Googles new update. They would rather find fewer, REAL backlinks from people who like your content, than a bunch of links published by you with linking service and the like. Of course, it can still be you who builds the backlinks, but not with an automated service, and only in places your link belongs, such as a credit line for a blog post on another blog, or as twitter post saying how awesome your site is.

Here’s how I get at least Pagerank 2 within 2 months on everything I do.

Do this:

  1. Write something useful. Make sure to put a heading, subheading, and sub-subheading in the page somewhere, with a keyword in each. (see Choosing Good Keywords) Doesn’t even have to be your whole keyphrase, just a word or most of the phrase. Bold your keyphrase ONCE in the page where it has been written in a paragraph. Make sure you have at least 350 words total. Put an image or two, and alt tag or title tag them with your keyword or phrase, no more than TWO to an image.
  2. Make a great, full Squidoo page about something people want to read about, revelant to your page. Link to your page from it.
  3. Make a halfway decent WordPress blog page or post relevant to it, and link to it from the post or page.
  • (Honestly, you can just say “are you looking to solve this problem? Go here! And here! Or here!” on a WordPress page, and it’ll give results. People will click right on through to your link, and Google will think it must be a useful page with such a good click through rate and they’ll keep it indexed)

Then this:

  1. Write 2 great blog posts for relevant blogs and submit them as guest posts with the page in the bio box. OR two articles and submit to Ezine or the like. It doesn’t help to have your content re-copied over the internet if you are trying to rank THAT content, but it does if you are trying to spread a link around.
  2. Tweet about it about 10 times, Facebook it once, and send it through Only-wire service. I personally only use about 25 of the Only-wire deals, even though they have what, 50 you can use? I still haven’t even gotten through my free submissions yet.
  3. You don’t have to, but commenting on relevant pages and blogs, such as other squidoo lenses on the topic, blogs and articles on the topic ( you can comment on articles on Bukisa) and what not, about 20 times, doesn’t hurt. Just be sure to use a  real name and not anchor text, and say something useful, not spammy. If nothing else, it’ll bring in some extra traffic which helps a lot. Seriously, even one new person visiting your page can affect its rank. It doesn’t take that much.

That’s all. Tralala… Pagerank 2 in 2 months. or PR 3 or 4, depending on the traffic you attract through only doing that much. I mean, you can do that like 6 times over , and see what happens then, of course. I am totally giving it a go, myself. We  are all still learning how SEO is going to work after the new Google crackdown.

Some people make it seem so difficult, like do all this, and get a lot of traffic, and pay for links, and write a ton of article.. NO! Its not that hard. No you can’t do it ALL in one day, but by next month you’ll totally have it all done. Even next week if your at all inspired.

Its not gonna hurt to wait for inspiration before you start writing the articles or posts to submit. Its gonna be fun making that Squidoo page, and if its not, then you haven’t found enough to make a page about yet, so don’t bother. Just use this page as a guide, check the things off your list as you do them, and you’ll see.

Come back in 2 months and tell me how right I am! :)

Easy Way to Get Hundreds of Free BackLinks Fast: Using RoboSoft

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How to use Robosoft to get free backlinks

Totally legitimate, hundreds of absolutely free and FAST backlinks!

Robosoft is a automatic software submission program, which means if you have created a software program, you can enter its details and file location into Robosoft, and the auto-submit program will go through its list of thousands of sites and open accounts with them for you and submit your software to the site. You can edit things like which account username and password it should try to use first on the accounts, and you can edit pretty much everything else too.

The great thing about Robosoft is that the things it does are not confined to submitting software. Within its list of submission sites are press release sites to which it submits a press release that you write for it, and search engines and website directories to which it submits your site and a description of your site.

All you have to do is download the 30 day free trial -no credit card or anything! install it, wait for it to download all its sites info and get powered up for you, and then follow my instructions here:

1. under the products tab, click +new company

2. enter the information, using your website as your company, for example use your target keyword phrase for the company name (within reason)

3. click +new product while you have your “company” profile selected

4. Fill out each as completely as possible. Read the help text that shows up in the lower box when a field is selected, it will often guide you. If you don’t have something, like affiliate merchant ids and that sort of thing, or if the field doesn’t apply to you, don’t fill those out.

5. When you are done filling out fields (remember to enter program descriptions in ALL 6 descriptions fields under English, or whatever your native tongue is) save and exit it.

6. Run a validation check by clicking Validate Now.

7. It will bring up errors. You should fix each one. If it says it needs a field filled out that you didn’t feel pertained to you, figure out something to put in it, hopefully something that will be promotional to your website.

8. One of the critical errors will be that it couldn’t find a pad.xml or that you didn’t enter a pad.xml URL. This is fine. Here is what you do:

if you can upload files directly to your directory, and you know where it will land when you upload it, type in the url like so-  (you won’t be changing “pad” into any other filename, just leave it as pad.xml

9. Fix errors and run the validation until the only error showing is that it can’t find your file on your website.

10. Click Export, then click export pad.xml

11. Upload the pad.xml to your website directory. Make sure its URL is the same one you entered in the pad file.

12. Run the validation again, just to be sure its finding it now.

This seems like a lot and it does take a couple hours to get through it all, but its so much less than the days and days you would spend submitting your URL and trying to get backlinks to all those directories and sites.

Ok now..

13. Click the little wand deal that says Auto… and click Submit. It’ll ask you for categories to try to enter your “software” and site into. Put a few words in that describe your software. If its a e-book, be sure to put the words ebook and literature, and writing.

14. It’ll have a deal wanting your email port and smpt info. I dont know why but this always failed for me. However, I only missed out on exactly 12 submission because of this. Feel free to tell it to skip sites that need this, and go on to the next step.

15. Give it the go ahead to start submitting and let it run. It’ll take about an hour for 500 submissions.

16. When its finished, it’ll ask you if you want to do the captcha’s it couldn’t figure out. You can click yes and get to work on those, or no, and you can do them at the end of the next time you autosubmit ( you will want to do at least 3 rounds of auto submit, you’ll see why in the next step) You will see it has already submitted to a tidy little list of sites, getting you tons of easy fast free backlinks.

17. Go the email address you had Robosoft specify in the pad file. click through all the emails and verify the registrations.

18. Go back to Robosoft. run the autosubmit again. do the captcha’s at the end again. I have been getting about 50% success rates with my submissions. if you get a 50% success rate on this second submission, you will have at least 300 back links now made, just like that.

19. Wait three days. run it again. This is to catch all the websites that were down or weren’t working for some reason the first day. there are more than you think. Also, in between this time, make sure you’ve checked the email again and verified any new emails that have come in.

20. Do it all over again with a new product under the same company. rename the company into a different keyword phrase, if you want. Your super easy, free back links are unlimited if you keep producing and submitting new products, within your free month trial.

Product Ideas to Submit:

E-book. Write a short but useful e-book on a subject matter pertaining to your website. Heck put links in that too if you want. Affiliate marketers? Promote your affiliate website and your affiliate links in one go. You never know.. Make sure its legitimately halfway interesting though, at least. You really never know if you can make some sales this way. People take this stuff and spread it around to their own websites and mailing lists.. So if your ebook is only a compilation of PLR material, make it some darn good PLR stuff.

Make the E-book into a pdf, turn the pdf file into a zipped file so that you can upload it to your website for download (the pad.xml file will require the URL where your product can be downloaded, after all)

The pad file will also require a screenshot. Make a quick “book cover” in MS paint or similar program with info like the title, website and author on the cover, and relating picture if you want, of course. Make the image under but near 800 x 500 pixels for the pad file requirements. The pad file will require an icon of 32 x 32 pixels. you can just use a shrunken, cropped image of the book-cover.

You could also have someone make you a simple screensaver of some sort. You can hire someone on a free lance site to do it pretty quickly and cheaply. Have them make 4 or 5 and submit them all… You will have to do the screenshot, file upload to your website, and 32 x 32 icon for these too.

If you have some legitimate software you have made, all the better. You can submit to WAY more sites, sites that only take certain kinds of software, if you make what they are looking for.

Update: Make sure not to overdo it or make too many links with the same exact anchor text or title. Too many links built at once can penalize your site, especially with the same anchor text in them all. However, many of these software sites take up to three weeks to a month to approve your listing, so it will be spread out at least that far each time you submit.

Niche Marketing

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You see a lot of hype about niche marketing these days. Why is niche marketing so popular? Because all the generic stuff has been taken on the internet. There are too many people searching for “cars” for you to ever sell a car by using the keyword “car” unless you can pay $10 a click on Adwords or hundreds a year for a webmaster to keep you on the front page of Google results.

However, you may be able to sell an E-book on how to restore the paint on cars made in the ’60’s, because, although there are certainly not as many people searching for how to restore paint on old cars, the ones who are, are probably pretty serious about getting some good information on it. If you can provide what they need for a just a small fee, they will most likely take you up on it. Better yet, if there is not many people offering solutions on how to restore paint on old cars (keyword to search results ratio, remember) then whoever IS searching is very likely to land on your page, and needing the information you are offering, likely to make a purchase.

Using the keyword popularity to search results ratio, and by implementing the Ready-To-Buy traffic theory, you stand to convert an awful lot of the traffic you capture in organic search results. Organic search result traffic means people who came to your site after searching for a certain keyword or phrase.

So, checklist time:

  1. Do you have a Ready-To-Buy niche in mind?

  2. Do you have click-able keyphrases for it that have a good keyword popularity to search results ratio?

Ok, so you now you have a niche and click-able keyphrase that will bring in Ready-To-Buy Traffic. What else do you need?

  1. Something to sell

  2. A place to sell it.

  3. Extra content (to explain and point to what you are selling).

  4. Traffic and Link Building Strategies (not yet covered, but when they are, I will edit this post with appropriate links)

If you are thinking, Wow, this looks like a lot more work than I thought you had to put into on the internet to make money, well, you are right, its a lot of work and time with zero to little results in the first 3 months.

Hopefully you can utilize the instructions, links, and tools to make it as quick as possible, however. My main problem was always traffic and link building.

So my posts will be on how to build links and get traffic the fastest, search engine friendly way possible. If you don’t make it search engine friendly, you may shoot to the top of rankings for a day or two, but be de-indexed and disappear from search altogether if they catch you. They could also de-index your inbound links and ruin your page rank that way.

So, look for how to build links and traffic fast as the next topics coming up..

Writing Website Content for My Own Website

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Unique website content

Adding unique website content and updating with new content is all important.

Its a highly touted fact that content is king, and what does this mean? It means unique content, quality content, and a lot of it. Basically, if you have more content that is absolutely unique to your site and not published anywhere else on the web, and that content is useful to the people who visit your site, then you WILL rank higher in Google search results than ANY of your competition. If you are not ranking high in search results for any particular term, this is the main reason why: Someone else has more unique, useful content, using that particular search phrase, than you do. Simple. Want to rank high in search results? Add more unique, well written content for that keyword phrase.

I say well written because of this: Google will initially rank you high for lots of unique content, but if people are not interested in what they see and stay on your site, and come back to your site again because its so useful to them, Google will start to put the thumbs down on you, no matter how much content you have on a certain keyword. You MUST keep people interested and coming back with your great awesome content, or you will lose all that gained page rank as fast as you got it.

As an example, take a quick look at this site. The site itself is about something really uninteresting to all but those who are affected by what its about. However, even though it is not relevant to me or probably you, at all, it is still interesting and makes you want to search around and read more. See how he does it:

Here I must reiterate all the old warnings and advice you see on everyone else’s advice blogs and sites:

  • Do not overuse your keyword. A keyword density of 2 or 3% is natural looking to the search engines. More is not. If you use it more than that, see if you can’t change it just a little, maybe make some of them into a different keyword phrase.

  • Put your exact keyword phrase into your title. Make it look natural, but do it. If you have to put two sentences together with a : between them to make an end word look natural, do that. Exmple: Fifty Shades of Grey: Fanfiction Written by E. L. James. Originally, I had just written Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James as the title, but people were searching the term “fifty shades of grey fanfiction” a lot. And since what they really meant was that fifty shades of grey is Twilight fanfiction, calling my title simply “fifty shades of grey fanfiction” didn’t make sense. The topic wasn’t about fanfiction based on Fifty Shades of Grey after all. But it WAS fanfiction, itself, and that’s how I made it work.

  • Put your exact keyphrase at least two more places in the work, sort of in the middle and at the end if you can. Then interspice the seperate words in the keyphrase sporadically. It should be easy if you are writing on the topic of your target click-able keyphrase! (What is a click-able keyphrase?)

  • Add some great, attractive, NON-copyrighted pictures. Pictures are always attention getters.

More on how to get unique content for your website for free without having to write it later. There are two excellent FAST ways that I know of.

Photo © Jordano | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos

The Hour A Day Plan: How to Build Your Online Income With One Hour A Day the Free Way

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Everyone online will tell you, time is your most valuable thing when it comes to making money on the internet. This is absolutely true. Partly because the longer something is online, the more valuable it becomes, so getting it up there and on search engines radar is important.

So when you are determined not to spend a dime, (or don’t have a dime, like me back in the day) you need to really have a handle on how you are spending your time online each day (which I did NOT do at first either).

Its all well and good to just jump in and try things, and its good to get the systems and various websites all figured out, but wouldn’t it be nice while your doing that, that the articles you are producing and the niche marketing techniques you are trying were ones that really work and will bring you in some real money?

In order for you to accomplish this, you will really need to be sure that what you are writing about or going into for a niche will be an attention getter, something people want a lot and think about a lot.

The hardest part here is that you might not necessarily be concerned at all about something that most people are. The only thing you might want right now is the latest iPad, and, seeing that its a pretty popular thing to search for, and you can get some affiliate commissions selling it on Amazon, you may think, “Yeah, I’ll give it a try selling some of those babies.”

This is where I was stuck for a while. I didn’t have any big concerns, and it was hard for me to fully grasp that there are a few niches, namely in the health, love, and money areas, with millions of people who have HUGE concerns in these areas. There are a couple niches that are somewhat as popular but these are the main ones, and the great thing about them?

They aren’t the latest new thing. They won’t be out of date in 6 months or out of style next year. People are ALWAYS concerned about money, love and their health, and always running into some kind of problem with them. The great thing is, if we can help these people, then we can offer them a service and perhaps be compensated for our time and effort.

So, number one rule in making money in only an hour a day is to choose wisely in what money-making activities you will be participating in and trying out. Get started on the right track now (as you are doing here) rather than flounder around with vague ideas and no real chance of making money.

Remember to use the Keyword Popularity to Search Result Ratio to find long tail keywords and get focused in on a sub niche within the three most enduring and popular niche categories I laid out for you before. Then, use your Myth-buster strategy for writing about things you don’t really know about (but will after you finish writing!) and get some unique writing done.

Here is an outline of how you may want to spend your hour a day for the next couple weeks and beyond, to really get focused on what will make you money and start getting it done.

Article Writing, Niche Marketing, Freelance Work

  • Day 1: Register with your choice of Freelance website. Fill out your profile as completely as possible. Register with the entire list of Pay Per Article websites. Keep them in a bookmark folder.

  • Day 2: Apply to 1 or 2 jobs on the freelance site. Check over the list of available titles and topics to write about in 3 or 4 of the article websites. Pick a couple that fall under one of the three enduring categories, health, money, or love. Make notepad files with the titles of the articles you chose. Begin to research one of them.

  • Day 3: Check if you have the freelance job. If you do, start on it. If you don’t, continue with the article you began researching yesterday. When you think you have found enough on that subject, begin researching the other. Do a thorough job of it, make sure you have everything in your notes that you think you may write about.

  • Day 4: Work on freelance job, OR start writing your first article. Publish it.

  • Day 5: Forget freelance job for today unless you have a deadline, or really have your head in the game about it. Finish either your first article, or start and finish your second one. Bring up notepad again, label it niche ideas, and begin to research a niche.

  • Day 6: Continue with freelance work. Give yourself 10 minutes at the end to keep looking at niche options. Don’t rush the niche you pick. Just because somethings popular, does not mean it will be next week. Make sure you choose from the three enduring categories.

  • Day 1, Week 2: Continue freelance work. If you are finished with a job, apply to a new 1 or 2. Check out the article titles again on the Pay Per Article sites. Pick out another two to get done. Make notepad entries for each.

  • Day 2: Research one article. Research your niche some more. Find some keywords with really great ratios, at least 5 or 6.

  • Day 3: Freelance work, or apply to another couple jobs. Research the second article.

  • Day 4: Write both articles, or as much as you can get done.

  • Day 5: Freelance work. Finish and submit articles.

  • Day 6: Submit all 4 articles you’ve written to the revenue sharing article websites. Research your niche some more. Find some fantastic keyword ratios. Continue making notes on it. Find your competition, make notes on them. What could you improve on? How could you be better? Is competition so little, you don’t need to worry?

  • Day 1, Week 3: Freelance work, or apply to another job. Find two more titles to write about.

  • Day 2: Research both articles. Begin to write.

  • Day 3: Freelance work, or write your articles and submit.

  • Day 4: Find the affiliates you will use with your niche. Make notes on them, and be sure to get any ideas for promoting their products. Make notes on anything the affiliate website can teach you about your niche.

  • Day 5: Freelance work, or Write articles and submit.

  • Day 5: Decide where you want your niche home to be. It can even be a squidoo lens, if you aren’t comfortable trying to do a free website. A squidoo lens or hubpage is a great place to start. Sign up with the respective site, and begin entering content. Use the myth-buster strategy if necessary.

  • Day 6: Do freelance work. Give yourself at least 20 minutes to keep working on your niche site. It will be a work in progress for a while, but that is OK. It can still start to do its job and be found on search engines now that it is up and out there.

Do you begin to see a pattern? 2 articles a week, and keep on your freelance work, 2 to 3 hours a week at least. You will really need the cash you bring in from that to keep motivated on the other things you do, until they start bringing in money too. You may even want to write this in a calendar or scheduler, so you aren’t distracted by other things or forget which thing you need to be doing.

Once you have your keywords, affiliates, and place to put it all, take a day to really flesh out your approach, the ideas and topics you will cover on your niche, and what you want to fill your page with. You may even feel like you have finished it in one day. But you will probably need 4 or 5 more days before you stop changing things around and adding and deleting things.

Do not worry if it your niche doesn’t seem to come together as well as you hoped, this niche has been well thought out but you can always make another one if you feel like something is just not clicking. Just take the next two or three weeks to research and think up a new one. Keep making a new one every two to three weeks, keep writing 2 articles a week for the pay per article and submitting what you can to the revenue sharing sites. And keep on that freelance work.

Continue this and I guarantee at the end of three months you will see a small but rewarding and ever increasing stream of money falling into your Adsense and PayPal accounts, and from there into your preferred hometown bank account. (Do you use credit unions instead of banks? I always do, when I can. Less crap and fees to worry about.) Of course, with the freelance work, you will be seeing money as soon as you finish the first job, but I am talking about that combined with article sales, revenue sharing, and affiliate sales.

Oh, almost forgot! You will want to take 30 minutes a week to do this: Make a stumbleupon account, a google + account, and any other of your preferred social networking sites which you may already possess profiles on. Make sure you add each of your articles and your niche sites to these places, and post the links on Facebook and wherever else your digital persona resides. A good idea is to get the free toolbar. Linkbuilding is an essential traffic magnet and good for page rankings too.

More on linkbuilding and social bookmarking later.

Also I will soon provide a list of high PR sites you can begin to spread links around on for free.

On second thought, I think I may keep the high PR list for my paid membership because what good is it to us if everyone else knows about it too, right?

Would you like a list of 35+ PR7 to PR9 sites that you can post links on for free if you know how?

Let me know and I may get cooking on the membership site faster so you can get the list really soon!