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Write a Unique Article Containing a Link and Submit it to a Article Database | Link Building With Articles

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Stack up your earnings by making articles do double-duty, when you can.

This topic ties in nicely with making money by articles alone, because you can often do both at once, when writing for ad revenue sharing sites. Writing a whole great article for the link juice alone can be really tedious and hard to see why its worth it, though that seems to be the biggest advice out there, (write articles to make links! Its the easiest way to get links!) well it doesn’t seem all that easy, expert people, thanks anyways for your great advice.

So, to make it more appealing, why don’t you earn extra revenue money with the article too? Simply follow the advice of my previous post on writing articles for revenue sharing, except when searching for your keyword phrases, make them on subjects relevant to whatever you want to link to. Nice thing about this is, if you already have content on a subject written somewhere online, you probably already know a bit about the subject, if not a complete expert on it. It should go a bit easier on the writing end, if not the keyword finding end. But don’t give up, you can find great keyword to search ratios on any topic if you look. They haven’t all been used up yet by long shot!

There are also some sites worth writing for solely to get links, and I’ve listed two below. There may be others but these are the two best ones I’ve seen yet. Ezine articles, while not allowing you to put links in the article body, has you fill out a bio and reference box at the end of each article you write, specifically for putting your own links in. You obviously don’t want to spam this either, and putting relevant links in the reference box is probably a good idea, but your bio can contain any links to your own URLs that you would like, and it accompanies your article every time someone publishes it on their site.

Bright Hub is an education sort of site, where you can submit academic material such as science articles or your personal insights on education. Here also is an opportunity to tie these subjects to your URL topic in some way and make a lot of good links.

So again, the two sites listed above do not pay, but still awesome for link building articles. I also suggest submitting your link building articles to the ad revenue sharing sites, and if you can only fit a link to your URLs in the bio box or profile or comments, its still worth it to pop something you’ve written into the revenue sharing mill to see if you can’t earn a few bucks on it there too. Remember where you can link to your published article, AND your URL, also.

Its tricky at first to keep them all straight. You may want to make a notepad list of them all, broken into categories like I have done, and make notes about each one for yourself on things you think are good to remember, like which ones don’t allow content already published on the net, which ones will allow you to re-use your content elsewhere without penalizing you, which ones are revenue sharing, what topics you are expected to write on which sites (for example, breakstudios is mostly writing targeted towards men, a lot of sports and sex writing).