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Niche Marketing

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You see a lot of hype about niche marketing these days. Why is niche marketing so popular? Because all the generic stuff has been taken on the internet. There are too many people searching for “cars” for you to ever sell a car by using the keyword “car” unless you can pay $10 a click on Adwords or hundreds a year for a webmaster to keep you on the front page of Google results.

However, you may be able to sell an E-book on how to restore the paint on cars made in the ’60’s, because, although there are certainly not as many people searching for how to restore paint on old cars, the ones who are, are probably pretty serious about getting some good information on it. If you can provide what they need for a just a small fee, they will most likely take you up on it. Better yet, if there is not many people offering solutions on how to restore paint on old cars (keyword to search results ratio, remember) then whoever IS searching is very likely to land on your page, and needing the information you are offering, likely to make a purchase.

Using the keyword popularity to search results ratio, and by implementing the Ready-To-Buy traffic theory, you stand to convert an awful lot of the traffic you capture in organic search results. Organic search result traffic means people who came to your site after searching for a certain keyword or phrase.

So, checklist time:

  1. Do you have a Ready-To-Buy niche in mind?

  2. Do you have click-able keyphrases for it that have a good keyword popularity to search results ratio?

Ok, so you now you have a niche and click-able keyphrase that will bring in Ready-To-Buy Traffic. What else do you need?

  1. Something to sell

  2. A place to sell it.

  3. Extra content (to explain and point to what you are selling).

  4. Traffic and Link Building Strategies (not yet covered, but when they are, I will edit this post with appropriate links)

If you are thinking, Wow, this looks like a lot more work than I thought you had to put into on the internet to make money, well, you are right, its a lot of work and time with zero to little results in the first 3 months.

Hopefully you can utilize the instructions, links, and tools to make it as quick as possible, however. My main problem was always traffic and link building.

So my posts will be on how to build links and get traffic the fastest, search engine friendly way possible. If you don’t make it search engine friendly, you may shoot to the top of rankings for a day or two, but be de-indexed and disappear from search altogether if they catch you. They could also de-index your inbound links and ruin your page rank that way.

So, look for how to build links and traffic fast as the next topics coming up..